Cover Reveal: Iron by Robin L. Cole

Not every fairy-tale needs a Prince Charming.

When a troll no one else can see attacks her outside the bar on her 30th birthday, Caitlin Moore thinks someone spiked her drink. It isn’t until a team of faeries rescues her and reveals that she has a special Gift that she realizes it’s something worse: she’s just become the star of her own twisted fairy-tale.

Her newly awakened Gift of the Warding makes her immune to fae magic, something unheard of in a human. Her rescuers are exiled enemies of the High King who has allowed bestial creatures like the troll to cross the boundary that separates their worlds. They promise to right the King’s wrongs, but first they need her Gift to find the key to breaking their banishment.

Unable to a turn blind eye to the danger she now sees in every shadow, Caitlin dives headfirst into their world of crazy. In return for her help they teach her to fight back against the nasties, but she isn’t prepared for the thrill she feels on the hunt. As the normal life she once knew slips further and further away, she wonders if protecting humanity from the monsters is worth the stain killing leaves on her soul.

Release Date: Mid-September 2015

One of my blogger friends is publishing her debut novel this year. This is the cover reveal for Robin L. Cole's urban fantasy debut, Iron - The Warding. I really wanted to share this with everyone here, I know I don't post a lot anymore but this cover was well worth it. I love me some good cover art, I am the first person to judge a book by its cover. And judging by this one it looks like it will be something to look forward to. I will update this when she has more information out. 

In the meantime if you want to know more - the cover was designed by Fiona Jayde and you can find out more about the book and Robin over at her blog - Robin L. Cole.