The Mortal Instruments TV Series - Shadowhunters

For those of you who don't live on the internet or twitter like I do you may not have heard - they are making 'The Mortal Instruments' book series by Cassandra Clare into a TV series called 'Shadowhunters.

Wait! Wasn't that a movie? I hear you say. Yes they made it into a movie staring Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower but if you actually went and saw it you will know the problem. It was just not good. They certainly tried but so much was left out and a lot was not explained or explained too much. I was left very disappointed. 

Because it did not do very well, plans for the follow up movie have been pushed back and it looks like it will never happen now. Can't say I'm that worried about the decision. What they have done is decided to start again from scratch on TV. The show is from ABC Family and they are casting at the moment. Most of the leads have been announced - here is the link to the Facebook page if you are interested -

The books are not all time favorites of mine or anything but I did enjoy the world that Cassandra Clare created and I think it will translate well for TV. They will have so much more room to flesh out the world and the characters  - if it goes the way of The Vampire Dairies and Teen Wolf then I will be happy. They are both well scripted and compelling shows. 

Oh and at least they have started things off right by casting a redhead girl for the lead. That annoyed me about the movie. It's one little thing but how hard it it to find a redhead or dye her hair, I know Lily Collins made her hair auburn and in America they call that red but it just looks dark brown. Katherine McNamara has been cast as Clary and her natural color is a pretty ginger red which is much more fitting for the character.

They also have apparently aged up the characters for the TV series, but to be honest if you read the books, it never seemed like they were 16 or 17. They didn't go to school and most of the time there is not much of a parental presence. They go to a night club in the first chapter and the shadow hunter kids are out chasing and killing demons so it's not really a high school type story. 

I look forward to checking it out when it eventually airs. How about you? Will you watch it?