Goodreads - 2013 Reading Challenge (November Update)

This year I started off the year knowing that I was not going to be very good at keeping up with my blogging, it's really hard to keep the momentum running from the initial start up of the blog when it's all new and exciting. That being said I knew I wanted to keep it going and I hope that I can continue to blog about the books that I love when inspiration and time permits.

Knowing how bad I had been at the reading challenges last year I decided to only do one this year and that one was just the Goodreads Reading Challenge where you set yourself a goal. I even made it a much more realistic goal than the 100 of 2012 which of course I did not even get anywhere near. I settled on 50, thinking that would be an easily achievable number, when I think about how many books I used to read in a year this is laughable but with the invention of TV on the internet I have to say my dedication to books is not what it used to be.

At the start of this month I was startled to realize that it was November, almost December and the end of the year - where has the time gone. It really crept up on me and recently when looking at my blog I also realized that I had only read about 12 books towards my goal of 50 - I was severely behind. I knew that I could give up easily but I also knew that 50 books is a small number and there is no reason I should not have read that in the year so I knew what I had to do - I was going to buckle down and get it done. I had a lot of books I had started and not finished and also many that I had on my nightstand just waiting to be read, so I got through most of those and then tackled some of the ones I've had on my e-reader for a while.  So far I am pleased to report I am up to 28 books towards my goal and it's not even the end of November yet.  It just goes to show what I can do when I set my mind to it.

So lets all cross our fingers that on this I keep up my momentum and get one goal finished for this year. Once I'm finished I might even do some book reviews on a few of the ones I have really enjoyed but lets not get too far ahead of ourselves :)