July Want to Read - Fin and Lady by Cathleen Schine

Fin & Lady: A Novel

By Cathleen Schine

Release Date: July 9, 2013

Synopsis from The Book Depository:

From the author of "The Three Weissmanns of Westport," a wise, clever story of New York in the '60s It's 1964. Eleven-year-old Fin and his glamorous, worldly, older half sister, Lady, have just been orphaned, and Lady, whom Fin hasn't seen in six years, is now his legal guardian and his only hope. That means Fin is uprooted from a small dairy farm in rural Connecticut to Greenwich Village, smack in the middle of the swinging '60s. He soon learns that Lady--giddy, careless, urgent, and obsessed with being free--is as much his responsibility as he is hers. So begins "Fin & Lady," the lively, spirited new novel by Cathleen Schine, the author of the bestselling "The Three Weissmanns of Westport." Fin and Lady lead their lives against the background of the '60s, the civil rights movement, and the Vietnam War--Lady pursued by ardent, dogged suitors, Fin determined to protect his impulsive sister from them and from herself. From a writer "The New York Times" has praised as "sparkling, crisp, clever, deft, hilarious, and deeply affecting," "Fin & Lady" is a comic, romantic love story: the story of a brother and sister who must form their own unconventional family in increasingly unconventional times.

From Kiwigirl:

Not my usual fare but I came across this when looking for some books on The Book Depository website - it was on the New and Popular list that comes up before you get to what you are actually looking for. Turns out that kind of advertisement works. I liked the cover so I had a look at what it was about and I think it could be one that I will enjoy, worth a chance anyway. I like to read a range of different books even though the bulk of my interests lie in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy realm. I've added it to my 'To Read' list on 'Goodreads' for now.