New Month, New Hope

I have been very bad at blogging over the past few months, I find I just don't have the time for reading or writing but I really want to as I am pleased with how this blog is going and I have enjoyed getting into the blogging world. I spent the latter part of June making a concerted effort to finish books I have had sitting around for many, many months - some even from last year. I have such a bad habit of reading too many books at once - I'm good at keeping them all straight and picking up where I left off even if its months down the track but it does lead me to getting a bit swamped. Recently I had a long weekend and with nothing else pressing to do I decided to get onto it and get some of them out of the way. I finished about five that weekend - ones where I only had a few chapters left to go; it gave me a great sense of accomplishment. I had three more that I had only made it about a third to half of the way through so those were next on my list. The one that was the longest and that I had only read the first few chapters of was the last one on my list and I finshed it last night. It was Terry Goodkind's - Wizards First Rule and once I got into it on the weekend I got it read pretty quickly. It was a great book and I am not sure why I never read it before now.

Anyway there a only two more on my Goodreads list, one I'm not sure that I want to finish as it's not really my thing and the other one I just wanted to wait until it had my undivided attention so its next on my list to finish. After that I have a few review ones that I need to get started on as I have not done a review in a while. I'm going to try and only read two or three at a time so that I can get them finished and do my reviews on them.

That is my mission for July - read fewer books but actually finish them and do some reviews on said books. Sounds simple but lets see if I can handle it.


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  2. Hello!
    Thank you for the corrections! Actually the translation was made ​​by the Google translator, therefore not necessarily reliable.
    I am French and I do not know much English. ha ha ha!
    I am very happy to welcome you in this blog! but it takes time! and many people do not give the country! we must do research.
    I have now written a blog in Chinese! but impossible to know which country

    I am sending you some sunshine from France! it is 6.34 pm here


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