Cover Feature: The Willows by Krystal George

The Willows Book Cover

Life is easy when you have everything you want; great friends, a boyfriend who loves you, a happy family that supports you and brothers that both protect and annoy you. I had all of that… once.

That was before the accident. That was before the murder. That was before… The Willows.

Evelyn Magwire now has a choice to make. Does she turn her back on the mysteries that have consumed her life, or does she face the darkness and find the truth? When her brother goes missing, the choice is made for her; forced on a path where friends become enemies and enemies become friends, Evie soon learns that the changes happening to her are the scariest she will face. She’s not sure she will ever be the same again… Because some changes are forever… and bloodlust… never dies.

Release Date: April 2012
Available from: Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords

I offered to do a cover feature for Krystal George's new book 'The Willows' because I was really impressed with the cover.  It looks great and so I really wanted to share it with you all.  I have not read the book yet but Krystal has supplied me with a copy so I will read it as soon as possible and follow this up with a review.

Please comment if you have read the book, what did you think about it?


  1. Thank you so much!!! It's an amazing cover - Thanks to an amazing cover artist Regina Wamba - I am really excited for you to read the Willows and follow Evie on her incredible journey to find the truth!!


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