Hexbound by Chloe Neill (Review by kiwigirlreads)

Plot Overview:

Hexbound picks up soon after the events of the previous book Firespell end.

Lily Parker has been sent to boarding school, St. Sophia's, while her parents are out of the country working.

At St. Sophia's things are not always what they seem and Lily soon stumbles onto a hidden world of magic - where teen 'adepts' try to keep their counterparts the 'Dark Elite' from preying on the innocent . Lily also finds herself wielding a new and powerful magic called 'firespell' that she must learn to control.

Hexbound sees Lily learning more about her magic and looking into the secrets that surround her parents, their job and why they sent her to St. Sophias.

At the same time Lily, her best friend Scout and the rest of the 'adepts' encounter some strange, slimy and fanged monsters roaming the tunnels that they patrol. The adepts will need to find out what they are and where this new threat came from if they are to stop them.

As if Lily did not have enough to deal with, ‘Dark Elite’, Sebastian Born is also following her – he wants to talk about the magic, ‘firespell’, that they both wield but Lily is not sure that she can trust someone from the other side.

What I thought:
Hexbound is another good installment in the Dark Elite series. It is the second in the series and is a nice addition to the plethora of Young Adult Paranormal books out there.

Hexbound is a fun, fast paced and entertaining story. This book is well written and compelling, it’s a story that has been done before (boarding school, teens with magic) but I think it has its own spin on things and stands out amongst the crowd.  The story expands nicely on what happened in 'Firespell' and continues with a new and exciting adventure. There are still a lot of mysteries but the progression is there and I am sure the next book will continue to unravel them.

The magic system has not been fully explained but what we have so far is nicely done and pretty varied, the characters each have their own powers and as new characters are introduced we learn about new abilities. There are also some supernatural beings like werewolves and vampires that inhabit the world alongside the 'adepts' and the 'Dark Elite'. In Hexbound we meet the vampires when the 'adepts' stumble into a territorial war between two clans.

The characters in the book are smart and witty and the girls are always right there in the thick of the action. The friendship between Lily and Scout is a draw card for the story, the lighthearted banter between the two really makes it an amusing read. I liked the character of Scout; she is fun, smart and has her own style which is really refreshing. There are of course the requisite cute boys and mean girls to round out the cast of your typical school set story.
The books are PG so far, some young adult stuff, a bit of making out and hand holding. There is some violence but to be honest you would see worse in a video game. 

The romance in the books is an addition to the story; it does not drive the action.

Final Comments and Overall Rating
All in all this is a nice, quick and lighthearted read. It's not rocket science but it’s compelling and well done.

If you like Young Adult Paranormal books like 'Morganville Vampires' series by Rachael Cain then this is for you.

Hexbound is book two of the Dark Elite Series, the first one being Firespell.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆


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