Kobo Touch Ereader

So I just purchased myself a new ereader - I am getting the 'Kobo Touch Ereader' in black. I decided to buy this one online in New Zealand. I am having it sent to my Mom and then she is going to post it to me here in Korea.  Yay, this should make my reading a bit easier (sometimes its hard to find the books you want here) and hopefully I will be able to get books quicker also. I do buy online and really you cannot complain about the time it takes, it's usually only a couple of weeks.  However when you really want to start reading something it can be a pain.

Anyway I will update you on how I like it when it finally gets here.


  1. Looks like I'm your first google connect follower :) Welcome! Looking forward to your reviews. Trev @ trevsliteraryreview.blogspot.com Have a great day!

    1. Yay, my first follower. Thanks Trev. I have just checked out your blog - nice stuff and am now a follower of yours too.

  2. I have a kindle..but hey i look forward to read more about other readers too :D

    Keep us posted..maybe write a review of the reader???

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    Thanks for the visit on the blog :)

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